Tuesday, October 28, 2008

365+ Days

We miss you and your Truffle Shuffle, Chunk.
Finally, the prodigal blogger has returned. Everyone has been on my case about taking so long to do one of these. Well, my bad. But, the Nino Brown of blogs has returned to give you your fix. (Wow, first paragraph and I’ve already lost people with a random reference.)

So Oye Martinez 365+ days later…

Well, let’s see. I’m not rich. I’m not famous. I’m not a legend (except in my own mind). Oh yeah, and I’m kinda broke – thanks Alan Greenspan.

But otherwise, I’m great. I’m two years into my 30s and it’s true what the proverbial “they” say - 30 is the new 20… or in my case, 31 is the new 21.

It’s true because I feel younger than ever. I wouldn’t say I’m immature, although many would argue that point. But I can, with all certainty, say I’m not fully mature yet. And there is a subtle difference.

For example – I lost my father this year. He was a great man, who taught me many things and gave me the world. But with his passing, I officially became the real man in my mother’s life (el hombre de la casa for the Latinos out there).

Not to mention, I have my mortgage, my career and I’m actually worrying about saving for retirement. These are all pretty adult things.

On the other hand, I still giggle when someone says “pro bono.” hehehe

See? That’s the imbalance I’m talking about. So not fully mature yet.

But, despite the lack of full maturity, I am still forced to grow. I am still forced to evolve. The world keeps moving with or without me and it’s really up to me to move with it.

For example - technology. Have any of us really embraced this Blu-ray phenomenon? What about HD? I only have one nice HD TV at home. It’s really coming at us fast, people.

I mean TTYL – LOL – OMG – BRB has replaced 143, 823, 123 and my personal favorites 039-2-09-537 and 58008 (read those upside down).

What happened to our generation, people? God I sound old.

What happened to Yo Joe? Wonder Twins activate? The Truffle Shuffle? I know you are, but what am I? My Buddy and Kid Sister? Balky and Cousin Larry’s Dance of Joy?

They’ve all been replaced by the fucking Hills, My Space and YouTube (or as I like to say, Your Space and MyTube).

I’m sorry if I’m ranting, but do I need to start embracing the change? (Hold all Obama jokes, please.) Do I need to accept that I’m not a kid anymore? If so, that means I need to accept responsibility for things.

I guess we can’t hide behind our age anymore, folks. We really need to be held accountable for what we do/don’t do… what we know/don’t know. I mean, there’s a reason why society expects certain things from us, right? It’s kinda the same way stereotypes exist. Everything came about for a reason.

I’m 31 – so society tells me that I should be married. I should have my 2.3 kids and a dog by now. And perhaps it’s true – for many reasons I should be in said position. Afterall, it’s the status quo that has been taught to us by precedent.

Just like stereotypes have taught us by precedent. For example, all Cubans reek of seaweed and have lungs like the MetLife Blimp. (Another example of change - when the hell did the MetLife blimp muscle the Goodyear Blimp out of major sporting events?)

On the flip side, one might say “fuck you” to stereotypes. Their argument might sound something like: “That’s not true… my Cuban uncle doesn’t even know how to swim!”

Well, just like that person thinks he’s right, I will side with him for the sake of my argument.

I will say “fuck you” to society and to precedent.

I will not be “society’s 31 year-old.” Instead, I will continue to fight. I will continue to write in leet speak. I will play Madden on my one HD TV and I will kiss pretty girls until they think I’m an old creepy dude… or until the right one sweeps me off my feet and tells me she wants to grow old with my pro bono.



Stephanie said...

nice message...I dig it! I too say FUCK YOU! and will not follow society's '30 year old female' stereotype. DONE!

Tere said...

I'm impressed, Alex. I didn't know you had lost your dad, I'm sorry about that.

If it helps any, it doesn't matter what society says, despite the pressure we sometimes feel. You can even follow the "rules" and STILL end up with everything falling apart, just when you think you've got it together.

At least, if what this last year has been like for me means anything, then that's the lesson: there is no status quo, no standard way of being, no instructions for any of it. And to survive, you need to bend with the wind and keep an open mind.

Rene said...

As elegant as ever. The mind of a genius at work...

Flower said...


I didn't know you had lost your dad. I am so sorry to hear that.

Oh, and I half relate to your post. Half because I am 32, married, with 2 kids and 1/4 of a dog (yorkie). It took me a while to find it though...you know my story.


ciao, ciao Italy said...

Alex, I must admit I didn't get through the whole thing...but I promise I will...it's great though...what happened to 'I don't shut up I grow up and when I think of you I throw up and then your momma comes around the corner and licks it up!' Dude those were good times...I'd hate to be growing up in this generation...sorry to hear about your dad...

Anonymous said...


Chunk.... is my entertainment lawyer.
No bullshit.